Cambridge Auto Center Pre-Purchase Inspection

Want to Avoid a Car Buying Nightmare?

If you find a car you are interested in purchasing from a private sale or from a dealer, we can check it out for you with our Pre-Purchase Inspection Service.

We will give the vehicle a thorough 2½ – 3 hour detailed Inspection.

  • We will look over every system on the vehicle
  • We will provide digital pictures to use for bargaining power, if applicable
  • We will check for body damage, excessive rust, water damage, and will notify you of anything that would be a red flag
  • Our service advisors will explain everything we find in language you will understand
  • We will provide an report (a $30.00 value) at no additional charge


Most cars are sold because the present owner doesn’t want to put any more money into it. This can include repairs or maintenance service. it almost always needs something! Be an informed buyer – know what you are getting yourself into before you spend your hard earned money. If Cambridge Auto Center is too far away, take it to someone in your area to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the Pre-Purchase Inspection is $135.00, but in reality it costs nothing! Most customers recoup the cost of this service in a price reduction on the vehicle or by avoiding the purchase of a vehicle requiring expensive repairs immediately after purchase.

With the detailed report provided private owners may reduce the purchase price, while dealerships may do the repairs and/or maintenance work for you prior to purchase.

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