About Us

Family Owned & Operated--Cambridge Auto Center


Gabriel Betancourt

ASE Certified Master Technician

Super Hero Power: Space Travel

Legacy: Teaching his children the sports of baseball and softball.

Gabe is from San Antonio where he graduated from Southwest High School (Go Dragons!). His start in the car business came at a Houston dealership where he detailed vehicles and repaired door locks. He is married with two sons and two daughters, and is most proud of his role as a husband and father. He spends his time hunting, fishing, and coaching his children’s baseball and softball teams. His dad loved those sports and so do his kids. It must be genetics! He came to Cambridge Auto Center on the advice of a friend who told him about our bright and happy work environment. We’re so glad he’s here!


Lorenzo Garcia

Customer Chauffer/Parts Delivery

Super Hero Power: Flying

Legacy: His great big heart

If you ever needed a ride to or from Cambridge Auto, Lorenzo is the man. He is from San Antonio and went to Holmes High School. He came to us because he needed work, but he knew he wanted to work in the automotive industry. He’s proud of being independent and loves his family, especially his little nephew, who sometimes gets to help Uncle Lorenzo at work.


Mike Martinez

Make Ready

Super Hero Power: Magical Healing

Legacy: Being Headstrong

Mike is from San Antonio and graduated from Edison High School. A family man, Mike likes to spend his free time with his kids who are his proudest accomplishment. They love fish tanks! His cousin works in the automotive industry and recommended Mike to come work with us. We are thankful he did!


Judy Lenard


Legacy: Her strong faith in Jesus, her fun-loving nature, and her fierce love of family.

A US Army brat, Judy graduated high school from International School Bangkok and holds a BA from St. Mary’s University. Judy taught at Concordia Lutheran School for 20 years where she was a kindergarten and second grade teacher. Married at the time to Steve Gehrlein, Judy came to Cambridge Auto in 1996 to help manage our growth in her spare time. We learned fast we couldn’t do it without her and it became her passion to ensure that we became the best shop in the industry. Not unlike The Brady Bunch, she and her husband Bill each have three kids. Between the two of them they have 11 cute and sweet grandchildren! She is most proud of her role as mother and grandmother. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and cooking with her grandkids, monogramming clothes, and spending time with friends and family.


Richard Hernandez


Super Hero Power: Flight. He doesn’t like traffic.

Legacy: Being a good person and making people laugh.

Another graduate of Southwest High School (Go Dragons!) where he took some auto shop classes and loved them, Richard has been with Cambridge Auto Center for over 14 years. He started off with us as a porter and general helper. He has learned and worked his way up to becoming a talented repair technician. He is proud of being able to learn his craft and support his family. As a married father of four, he enjoys sports, family time, and relaxing with his wife. Three of his kids are involved in sports and his fourth is a member of the ROTC.


Rene Lopez

Parts Manager

Super Hero Power: Strength!

Legacy: His good looks and his smile that everyone loves…he thinks?

Rene has been our parts manager for over three years. He worked at one of our parts suppliers for several years and we had always been so impressed with his work ethic and personality so we were excited when he agreed to come on board with us! He is happily married to our front office star, Veronica. He has one beautiful daughter and a little grandson and two step-daughters. He takes pride in his ability to support his family and himself since he was 18 years old! He keeps things organized and orderly with meticulous, military precision. If you need something done, Rene is the one to ask!


Tony Gutierrez

Service Manager

Super Hero Power: Seeing into the future. It would make diagnosing cars so much easier.

Legacy: His willingness to help people in their time of need and his honesty.

Tony is from Victoria, TX and has been in the car repair business for 25 years. When he was a kid he would help his grandfather work on cars and they would often frequent the salvage yard together. When he was 16, he started a co-op program through his high school and got a job working at that salvage yard where his love of cars really took root. He came to us looking for a chance to expand on his skills and had heard of us through our reputation of being the best in the business. He has two sons and one daughter; his wife has two sons. They are truly one big happy blended family. His kids bring him the most pride and he has instilled in them the value of a dollar and how to treat others with respect. He’s a bit of a metal head so in his spare time he jams on his guitar and loves live music. He also enjoys working on his cars and spending time with his family.


Veronica Aguirre

Service Assistant

Super Hero Power: Flight. She wants to go where she wants to go!

Legacy: To be remembered as a person who goes out of her way to help others.

That megawatt smile in the front office belongs to Veronica! A graduate of Harlandale High School, she attended Medical Assistant School after graduation. She has had several years of customer service experience. She went from being a stay at home mom to a healthcare recruiter before she joined us here. She loves the face to face interaction with our clients! Veronica is married to Rene, our Parts Manager. She is the proud mama of two beautiful daughters, a step-daughter, and a little grandson. She loves spending time with her family, bar-b-ques, and watching her daughter’s dance team perform at football games!


Steve Long


Super Hero Power: Telekinesis. So he can move stuff.

Legacy: To build a car that makes it onto the cover of a magazine.

Steve joins us all the way from Downingtown, PA. The youngest of three boys, Steve is the only one who came to Texas. He has a brother in D.C. and another one in Darmstadt, Germany. His parents are still in Pennsylvania and are set to retire at the end of this school year. He began his career in the car business detailing vehicles in the make-ready department for a Chevrolet dealership. He found Cambridge Auto Center when he moved to San Antonio by driving around and handing out his resume to every place he thought he’d fit in. We’d say he’s a perfect fit! In his free time he likes to off-road in his Jeep, chill with friends, and travel the world. He also makes his own beer! He is the most proud of leaving his home town to carve out his own path. We’re glad he did!


Terry Toller

ASE Certified Master Technician

Super Hero Power: Be the Hulk!

Legacy: An incredibly hard-working, GREAT dad.

Terry is from Sacramento, CA. He started working on cars at 8 years old and working on his friends’ cars in high school. He’s been in the car repair business for over 25 years. He came to Cambridge Auto Center to escape long work days and long work weekends. He is a super proud single father to his awesome son, T.J., who sometimes gets to work with us washing cars and helping. Terry is a gifted artisan and can fabricate just about anything. If you’ve been into our customer restroom, the sink is a tool box and it was made by Terry. He likes to spend his free time RVing and restoring old cars.


James McLaurin

ASE Certified Master Technician

Super Hero Power: IS HE MISSING ONE???

Legacy: Being honest.

A San Antonio native, James graduated from MacArthur High School (Gooooo Brahmas!) He grew up helping his father work on the family vehicles. After spending several years working for dealerships, he decided to give an independent shop a chance and he’s been with us since 2004! There isn’t a soul here that can out work him. James has been married to his wife, Christine, for 26 years. Their daughter worked for us for a few summers and she is now a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety. She follows her mother’s footsteps as a law enforcement officer. He and his wife can usually be found hunting, fishing, RVing, and motorcycling.


Kristy Allen


Super Hero Power: To grant her own wishes, like a self-serving Genie.

Legacy: Please know I tried. I really, really tried.

Kristy has been at Cambridge Auto Center since she was 16 years old when she had to start paying for her own gas. Her parents might have owned the place but that fact wasn’t going to get her from Point A to Point B. Aside from physically working on vehicles, she’s had to do just about every job in the building. She is the Accounting Department. Born and raised in San Antonio, Kristy graduated from MacArthur High School and attended UTSA. She is grateful to be a part of her family’s business and is proud that her family has employed and has helped support hundreds of families for over 30 years. She is married to Dewayne and has two daughters, MaryAlice and Lola.